NLP Attraction Techniques – Ross Jeffries Tips Inside

One of the best (and unknown) ways to meet, attract and seduce beautiful women is through the use of NLP tactics. So what is NLP and how can it help me attract beautiful women? NLP is short for neuro-linguistic programming. Essentially NLP involves creating certain “feelings” and then amplifying them. I’ve learned a lot of NLP tactics from Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction (pick up artist).

He advocates taking women on an emotional roller-coaster of sorts. You see, women respond primarily to their emotions rather breaking things down analytically. Have you ever known a woman who created/received a ton of DRAMA yet she still stayed in the situation? Whether she was being abused verbally, embarrassed, or any other form of emotional distress she was still continuing to see the person creating these emotions because she is HARD-WIRED to respond to emotions. You may be thinking why not just create a lot of POSITIVE emotions….well, positive and happy emotions are certainly the strongest emotions to attract women you need to make sure she experiences a vast array of emotions.

One of the strongest techniques to stir her emotions is a technique I learned from Mystery (the pick up artist) and it’s called “Neg Warfare.” Neg Warfare is basically throwing very subtle insults her way. Be carefull and make sure they are subtle. Things like “wow, I really like your fake nails” (done sarcastically) are great negs. Basically, you want to keep saying things like that which make her madder and madder until she finally starts to respond back and throw negs your way. When she does then you can EASILY turn all of her negative emotions into positive ones by saying something like “OH MY GOD you are too awesome! I was waiting for you to turn feisty on me!” and give her a big hug. Not only have you riled up her emotions but you’ve effectively turned them from negative to positive.

Another one of my favorite NLP tactics is called “anchoring.” Anchoring is essentially taking an emotion and creating a way to bring up that emotion without any work. Whenever you create an emotion, for example, you both just went on a roller-coaster and it was really intense and you were both excited you can make her feel the same excitement she felt earlier by simply “anchoring” that feeling, and here’s how you do it. Whenever she experiences that feeling you can simply anchor that feeling by etching it in her mind. At the most intense point of the interaction simply rub your chin, slowly and methodically and make sure she sees you doing it. This will condition her subconscious mind to recall that experience whenever you rub your chin slowly because the two events are correlated in her mind.

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